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Music and Wine

Join Harmonic Introductions at Old City Market and Oven for A Taste of Wine and Overtones!

Saturday, March 3rd with wine tasting beginning at 6pm and Music @ 7pm!

About Harmonic Introductions

Founded by Robb Saffell and Julian-Israel Canizares in 2012, Harmonic Introductions is a small vocal ensemble dedicated to expanding the awareness, appreciation, and understanding of overtone singing.

What is Overtone Singing?

Overtone singing is a technique that enables 1 vocalist to produce and, with a bit of practice, control 2 or more notes simultaneously. When multiple voices come together to sound in this medium, a surreal soundscape and relaxing, glowing atmosphere is created.

It will be an evening of all original vocal music and improvisations accompanied by singing bowls and good food and drink!

This event is free!!! suggested donation: $12

#wine #music

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