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New Summer Hours:

Store: MON & TUE 8AM - 8PM, WED-FRI 8AM-9PM, SAT 9-9, SUN 9-8

Kitchen: MON & TUE 4PM-7:45, WED-FRI 4PM-8:45PM, SAT 4PM-8:45,
SUN 4PM D-7:45

The Story of OCMAO

Once upon a time, God created Man and Woman.  Pleased with His creation, God bestowed upon them certain gifts of nature:  Fire, Meat, Vegetables, and Grains.

Challenged by this Act of Kindness, Women and Men brought these Gifts back to their caves and homes, and set to work transforming them into something truly divine:  Pizza.  Pleased with what Humanity has wrought with His Gifts, God gave one final gift:  fruit, which he scattered at their feet.  But in their haste to scoop up this sweet bounty, some of the grapes were trampled, and Humanity betook the pleasures of Wine.  

Munching on a heavenly slice one day, someone asked is this all there is to life?  The answer was a resounding synchopated No, No, No, sung in four part harmony by the family and friends gathered around.

And thus music was born from pizza.  But how does one capture this ethereal art that drifts away like a wave from the prow of a ship?  Gazing upon that crusty disk of sauce and cheese, Divine inspiration appeared once again, and Men and Women set about making phonograph records.  And an industrious people forever thereafter have paired great food and wine with beautiful music and art.

Our people at OCMAO seek to honor and continue the Divinely inspired work of past generations of Women and Men.  And so we built with our own hands our own cave in which to cook the Gifts of God:  a wood fired brick oven.  Sample for yourself the Divine Gifts of Pizza, Wine, Art and Records.

Stop in and say hello! We're at 522 K St NE, Washington, DC

202 544 0600

all online orders must be in 15 minutes before kitchen closes

pizza in oven sq 6
tomato pizza close up
paired pear
mixed olives 2
skewer chicken salad
green salad
mexican pizza
vegan delight
Leg of Lamb
pizza in oven sq 6
Comete Wine pic
Chicken Parm
Vegan Breakfast Bowl
adam and god with doves
2017-7-5 17.22.34

We are your neighborhood market in Near Northeast, Washington, DC.  We sell food prepared in our wood fired oven as well as fine Wines from around the world and craft beers from local brewers and other national brands.  We sell gifts and food items.  Toys, art, plants, soaps, Records, cds . . . heck you will be hard pressed to find something we missed.  We might not sell all the items you can find online or in the big chain stores, but everything we sell we have sampled and stand behind.

Come and check us out.  You will not find another store where you can sit and play the piano while waiting for your pizza to cook.  Nor are there too many stores where you will find vinyl of local musicians or rare and vintage music- and a record player to play them on while you have dinner, or lunch, or watch a movie on our big screen.

Explore our site and learn more.

You can find and do just about anything here, but the one thing you cannot do is drink alcoholic beverages on the premises, except when we do one of our frequent wine or beer tastings. 

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