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Welcome to Old City Market and Oven, your convenient corner store carrying the finest in beers, wine, coffee, roasted meats, vegetables and baked goods fresh from our wood fired oven.  More than simply a corner convenience store, we carry a wide variety of goods and items from vintage jazz and pop records to house plants, check out our own line of organic and all natural bath soaps and art from local artists.

All of the food that is prepared in our market is cooked the old fashioned way: with fire in caves, just the way your great, great, great, great . . . grandparents did ten thousand years ago. Come to the Market and see our cave: a huge six-foot diameter stone oven.  In the morning, you will see our cooks pulling out fresh baked quiches, cookies, or pies, and later in the day they will be roasting meats and vegetables. Then when you are on your way home from work, we will fire that baby up to over 700 degrees and start cooking some of the best pizzas you will find in this City!

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Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday:  8:00am - 9:00pm (Kitchen 10am-9pm)

Saturday: 9:00 am- 9:00pm  (Kitchen 10:00am- 9:00pm)

Sunday:  9:00am - 6:00pm (Kitchen 10:00am - 6:00pm)

all online orders must be in 15 minutes before kitchen closes

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