Beer & Wine

We offer a full selection of beers and wines at Old City Market and Oven and we are certain you will find something you like at your price point and to your taste.  Our Beers include many of the most popular beers people are buying everyday, as well as the new and unique craft beers that intrigue and tempt you to try something new.  We have Lagers and Ales, Porters and Stouts, Belgian Wheat, citrus or cherry flavored beers, and hard ciders.

Now that Fall is here and winter is approaching and days are growing shorter, now is the time when one's tastes turn towards some of the darker, more robust beers.  Check out our offerings of Porters and Stouts.  

                               A great beer you should check out is the Brooklyn Local 1.  This is not your typical six pack beer.  It is 

                               100% bottle re-fermentation; hence the champagne style cork top.  Behind the full golden color you’ll

                                find an alluring  aroma and a dynamic complex of flavors of  barley malt and hops from Germany,

                                aromatic raw sugar from Mauritius and yeast from Belgium.  It is a great dinner beer.

Our wines are selected from around the world, and they are far too numerous to list, but again you will find something to your liking at your price point.  For this small store, we have an astounding selection of Malbecs, Pinot Noirs, Bordeaux, Sauvignon Blancs, Chardonays and Pinot Grigios.  We are constantly getting in new wines for you to try and we dare you to compare some of these smaller estate wines to the mass market wines you will find in the chain stores.  

As the weather turns colder, people often switch from white to red wines, and of course we always have a very strong selection of reds to choose from.  However, you white wines aficionados need not despair, for we still have a strong selection of whites and roses which will continue to provide support and sustenance even in the coldest of nights.  Look to some of our more complex whites and roses.

 Vermentino (“vur-men-teeno”) is a light-bodied white wine that grows mostly in Italy on the island of Sardinia. What’s exciting about Vermentino is it can be deliciously complex in taste in similar style to Sauvignon Blanc. Because Vermentino is so unknown, you can find high quality wines for a great value. Let’s delve into the details of Vermentino wine and what to look for and from where.

Despite the typical light-bodied character of Vermentino, it’s actually quite complex to taste. This is because Vermentino has higher levels of phenols which contribute to its subtle bitterness on the finish–a taste often described as green almond. A glass of classic Sardinia Vermentino will offer up lively aromas of pear, white peach, lime and pink grapefruit with subtle notes of crushed rocks and citrus zest. On the palate, Vermentino is almost always dry and somewhat oily with flavors of grapefruit and citrus, with a crushed rocky minerality and saltiness. On the finish, it can be a bit snappy with bitterness similar to the taste of grapefruit pith or, if it’s on the riper side, fresh almond.


Vermentino with its somewhat oily character, salinity and phenolic bitterness is a wonderful wine to match with medium-weight dishes that play with rich herbs and spices. Due to its bolder intensity, you can easily match this wine with richer fish such as halibut or even meats as bold as fennel-spiced pork sausages. One key thing to pay attention to when pairing with Vermentino is the acidity level in a dish. Vermentino often doesn’t have enough spritzy acidity needed to match against tart pickled dishes (although it will easy match with chicken tacos with a squeeze of lime). Vermentino also is a great wine to pair with garlicky dishes like Pesto.


Bargain Wines

If you check the bins carefully you may find some great wines that normally retail for twenty or thirty dollars going for as little as $7.49.  Such a bargain is not because the wine is past its prime, but rather because we are buying the end lot broken cases from our distributors.  As a result, these are bargains that are fleeting in nature and limited in time and quantity, but they allow us to pass a great bargain to you.