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We taste every wine before we sell it.  Yes, it is an arduous, exhausting task, but someone has got to do it.  And Kevin is just the man for the job.  Kevin has been working in food for over thirty years (he started when  he was four), getting his start in the business at Dean & Deluca in Georgetown.  So you know he knows a thing or two about food.  And if you are going to recommend a wine, you must also know food, because wine is meant to be paired with food.  After working at Dean & Deluca, Kevin essentially built the wine business at the Mediterranean Way in Dupont Circle.  There, Kevin really did his homework, reading about all the different wines of France, Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey, and learning to distinguish a Sauvignon Blanc from France, from one from New Zealand, from one from California.  Yes each is very distinct from one another, with different aging processes and flavor profiles.  Since coming to Old City Market, Kevin has expanded his vincula horizons beyond the Mediterranean to the Caucuses of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia, the Andes of Peru and Argentina, the Pacific Northwest, the South African Savannas, and the mountains of Brazil.  He can wax poetic about the moonlight harvests and planting of cow horn and crystals by the Spanish Bio-Dynamists.  He has sampled the music absorbed by the growing grapes of an Austrian Vintner, and sat through lectures contrasting the shale rich slopes of the south facing vinyard vs the silicon rich slopes of the west.  And you thought I was kidding when I indicated this was an arduous, exhausting job.

Our store may be small, but our selection is rich and varied, offering wines from all over the world, with unique varietals, organic wines, natural wines, traditional method wines, and bio-dynamic wines.  We have wines aged in clay pots buried in the ground, fermented in French oak, or stainless steel (or both), or Kentucky Brandy barrels.  We can recommend wines for a fish dinner, or made to pair with a red sauce, or for a perfect sunny Sunday Afternoon on the porch.

There are several ways you can buy wine at Old City Market:

       1.  Come to the Store and pick out your wine.  If you need help in making your selection, ask Kevin or one of our other knowledgeable salespeople.

        2.  Want to sample that wine before you buy it?  Come to our weekly wine tastings every Friday between 5 pm and 7:30 pm.  There you will meet one of our wine importers or distributors and get to sample his/her wines, while learning about the wines.


        3.  Order on Line by clicking on the link Below.  You can order for pick up or delivery.  Now isn't that convenient?


        4.   Hate making decisions?  Join one of our Wine of the Month Clubs.  There are two types of clubs:  the Wine of the Month wherein you pay a flat monthly fee and we pick out three wines for you each month; or the Curated Cases Club, wherein you pay a monthly fee and provide us with a tasting profile, describing the types of wine you enjoy, and the types of food that you like to pair with wine, and we will pick out a half case (6 bottles) or a full case (12 bottles) just for you.

How to Buy Wine

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