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Bread- It's all about the Starter

When we were living in Indonesia, it was often difficult to find good, crusty breads, and so we did the only thing we could:  make our own.  We experimented with a lot of different cooking methods, but always had one constant:  a good aged starter.   Our Indonesian starter was one we created with a variety of different flours, grains and yeasts, and kept for over five years, and it was the one thing we snuck through security and customs on our journey back from Jakarta back to the US.

Here at Old City Market and Oven, all of our breads (whether loaves, flat breads, crackers, or pizza) are made with a starter dough we have kept and nurtured for over three years.  You can taste it in our sour dough.  It keeps our seeded multi-grain fresh for days.  It adds that certain umph to our kalamata olive bread, and adds the puff to our pita breads.

We make fresh bread every day:  Loaves of Sourdough Rosemary and Foccassia, both of which we use for sandwiches at the market and for retail to our customers.  When the whim its us and there is a demand, we will also make multigrain, or fruit and nut bread, or kalamata olive.  We date each loaf of bread so you can always find the freshest loaf for your home.


















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