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OCMAO prodigiously produces products people prefer

Our Chairman at the Market And Oven is constantly exhorting us to find and produce goods and products that people want and need.  To honor our glorious leader and please you, the people, we work day and night to find and produce the very best:

Old City Market and Oven Soaps

It can be a dirty and vicious world out there, and sometimes life's simplest pleasures become the most needed pleasures.  Like relaxing in a nice bath or shower at either the start or end of your day.  Do so with our hand and bath bar soaps.  They are all natural ingredients, some are all organic, some not, but they are all hand crafted with ingredients design to indulge and amuse. When we first opened the store, we were searching for the best local handmade soaps.  We spoke and met with many producers and found many wonderful products.  But we decided not to carry their product for one simple reason:  price.  We wanted to find a good handmade all natural soap at an affordable price.  Finally, after many months of searching we found two producers:  one who produced only completely organic soaps, and another who produced organic and natural (but not necessarily wholly organic) soap.  Because we were buying bulk quantities of uncut soap we were able to get a fantastic deal.  And because we cut and packaged the soap ourselves, we were able to pass those savings on to you.  As a result, you can buy retail here at the Market first grade organic and all natural soaps  for a price below what it would have cost us to buy wholesale from other producers.  You save more than 50% over what you would normally pay for this artisanal soap.   Does that put a smile on your face?  We certainly hope so, if not, we hope that our packaging will produce that smile.  Below is a representative sampling of our soaps.

Healthy Breakfast Foods

We at OCMAO have to get up pretty early in the morning in order to get the coffee started, the oven fired up and the bread and cookies baked off.  So we know how important it is to have a good healthy breakfast in the morning.  As a result, we started making our own bagged granola and breakfast cookies.  Now you can buy fresh granola that we make here on the premises.  It is chock full of good things to help you start the day- whole grains, oats, seeds, and nuts.  Check out our granola, buy a bag and start your morning with some of the wonder foods that will change your life (or once again, so claimed on the internet).  And for those of you who do not have the time to sit down at a breakfast table, sip a cup of coffee with the newspaper and a bowl of granola, we have a quick grab and go breakfast cookie.  Our cookies are the perfect thing:  full of quinoa, oats, seeds, fruit and honey, and no processed white flour.  They will get you up and going in the morning.

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